tips to use humana dental

into the tooth then that’s  humana dental gonna cause some pain so we want to make sure that that would stop that finally where I talked about this open context so the post-op sensitivity with open contacts is gonna come from

the periodontal aspect so you’re getting food stuck there and it’s causing a lot of information and that’s in turn is gonna cause a lot of post options to the patient not on

the tooth itself but actually in the gingiva this time so a little case example of micro leakage decay and since the post-op sensitivity so we have this tooth right here on the left side where we have some micro leakage on that composite on the premolar we go ahead and pre wedge first like

I said always always always pretty much before we actually start do any work we pre-wet and we see that we have decay we have some micro leakage so what we do is we remove all

the decay and we’re left with only affected dentin or tertiary dentin so that dentin is sclerotic dentin you can see that it’s not soft so what do we do we actually play something called bio cap

a bio cap is actually a liner which is gonna help the pool re-energize it’s gonna help the tooth rejuvenate itself so by using this bio cap we’re using this liner to help the poop to soothe we’re gonna make sure that it’s not irritated by the composites not gonna be irritated by the adhesives it’s not gonna be irritated by the bonding agent because believe it or not if the tooth has more sensitivity to actually the adhesives than it does to the acid itself so very few of the cases actually caused sensitivity by over etching most of the causes come from the bonding agent if the blending agent is a cured all the way