How To Improve At Dental Helps.


There’s  actually a search option where you can  search a topic so maybe your issues about confirmation calls we’ve had a lot  of cancellations lately so you go to search confirmation calls and then  you get a whole list of either articles I’ve  written or blogs or the videos you can watch which can help tailor the for someone who kind of already knows it all – maybe let’s just work on this one issue.

How can we fix this one area and once the team starts to see that they’re doing better in that area they’re probably going to be more open to saying  okay let me hear some more of this training the dental helps one thing I would suggest is for the doctor not to go here you go you have to do this training by I’m going you know back to my desk it’s  really not don’t forgot what’s that it’s time for golf exactly yeah exactly because I mean honestly as an office manager and employee myself.

I mean these doctors on the same these doctors  doctors go to meetings they come back and they get the new shiny tool you know they got the new thing and we’re like oh my gosh something else we have to implement you know so it if you really  want to see changes in your in your team or improvements to work in in hand with them to to sit down and I have an office that’s doing really well what they’re doing is they’re letting the employees  pick the subject of the week so each person.

I’ll pick one or two subjects so that they are buying into the whole concept of this week we want to work on productive scheduling and then they’re watching certain videos and meeting as a  team kind of like a book club so it’s really getting there by end to start making changes all of that one of the Facebook the key mindsets I try and get into my doctors is that we have to be a practice of constant re-evaluation constant improvement because you can always be  better and so if you have a mindset and you have a philosophy around that then your employees and your staff have no reason not to do the things.