What is dental help and how to get it.

A dental help is nothing but its a insurance witch covers teeth .advanced from how to do eligibility to how to build to¬†dental help how to collect we’ll talk a little bit more about that later but look for that into the future because .

dental help

dental help

This again seems like a very easy question to to ask and answer but it’s not so sherry.

How does one know who there are network with well there are there of several ways the first .

thing is you probably get the most information the fastest when you’re checking eligibility for .

the patients that you’re scheduled now you you probably have the list of contracts that you signed and hopefully you can go look through those contracts hopefully you saved

Them the insurance provider manuals if you signed contracts and usually somewhere in here is that but let’s say that you walked into a practice let’s say you’re an office manager and .

This has happened to me as an office manager I walked into a practice and they said we take Delta okay and then I’m processing the claims and I realized that they take more.

Than Delta they take this plan that plan this plan and so what I had to start doing is reading the EO B’s and then I realized that we should have been asking us when we check .

The eligibility because if you don’t know who you’re in network with you don’t know what you’re supposed to be writing off and what you’re not supposed to be writing off you don’t know.

If your co-pays your your patient portions are correct it turns into very stressful environment for whoever’s doing the billing and this is how not having